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This page is designed to help give you access to journal resources that are available on the internet.  There are three sections.  The first has links to  journal directories and search engines.  The second section is this site's directory of  online journals. The third section is "other" useful reference sites.  

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Journal Directories and Search Engines  |  This Site's Directory to Online Journals
Other Useful References
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1.  Journal Directories and Search Engines 
(Journal Directories are pages that have long lists of online journals.  Journal search engines are pages were you can conduct a search for a particular subject, and the search engine will return a list of articles on that subject, or a list of online journals on that subject (depending on the search engine). I put an * on the links that I think are superior for general purposes.)


Amoeba Journals List

American Educational Research Association List of Online Journals


Katherine Holmes/Lesley University List of Online Journals in Psychology

Katherine Holmes/Lesley University List of Online Journals in Education

Athabasca University list

Burrows Institute (searches for articles) focused on standardized tests.

Directory of Open Access Journals

* ERIC's (Dept. of Education) list of online journals 

University of Houston list

National Clearinghouse on Bilingual Education Search Engine

PsychWeb/ List of Psychology Journals List of Journals

American Statistical Association list of their journals, some are completely online, others have some articles online.

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  *ERIC database Search

Psych Crawler (a search engine, not  limited to journals)

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2. This Site's Directory to JOURNALS   (Psychology and other subjects)
(note:  Almost all of the journals you can access through these link are open, and free.  However, you may encounter a few "subscriber only" journals too. )


Alcohol Alerts

American Counseling Association Newsletter

APA Monitor on Psychology: A Good Source of General Information

APA - Browse Selected Journal Articles  

APS Observer e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Quantitative Biology

Australian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies


Bilingual Research Journal

Biomed Central

British Journal of Psychiatry

British Medical Journal

Business Week Online

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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Online

Chronicle of Higher Ed. Only certain parts are accessible free


Communiqué (journal of the National Association of School Psychologists)

Consciousness Studies (UK) (selected articles)




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Early Childhood Research and Practice

Economic Sociology (Netherlands) Newsletter

Education Week (on the web)

Electronic Journal of Radical Organization Theory (New Zealand)

Electronic Journal of Science Education 

Electronic Journal of Sociology (Canada)



German Journal of Psychiatry (in English)

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Harvard Health Letters (just current issues)


The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Internet Scout


Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Stimulation (UK)

Journal of Current Research in Social Psychology

Journal of Educational Issues for Language Minority Students

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (selected articles)

Journal of Interactive Media in Education (UK)

Journal of Rural Community Psychology

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Language Learning and Technology

Lancet (a widely cited British medical journal) - you must register and then only partial free access


Medscape online journal in psychiatry


National Center for Ed. Statistics

National Psychologist

New York Times (OK, its really just a newspaper)


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Psychiatric News American Psychiatric Association Newsletter

Psychiatric Times

Psychiatry Online (UK)

Psychology in Spain

Psycholoquy (UK)

Qualitative Social Research  (German)


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Scholarly Communication Project 

Scientific American

Sociological Research Online (UK) 

Social Research Update (UK)


Teacher Magazine




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3.  Other Resources

Classic Works in the History of Psychology/York University (Canada)

Dictionary At

Wikipedia online "encyclopedia"

Columbia Encyclopedia (concise) at

National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health (research arm of U.S. Government) extensive information sources

Research-it Reference Tools - alternative search engines and other useful utilities

Google Foreign Language Translator

University of Virginia Modern English Collection

Credits:  Resources used in collecting this list included AltaVista, Amoeba Journals List of Journals,  University of Augsberg List of Journals, HotBot  and NBCi.Com.

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Journal Directories and Search Engines  |  This Site's Directory to Online Journals
Other Useful References
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