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Hypothetical Projective Test Stimulii Illustrating Study and Use of Psychological Testing by Psychology Students

Prepare for the great adventure in Psychology!! Here you have links to some internet sites that can give you insight and knowledge of human psychology (oh yeah) and might be useful in doing school stuff.     Good surfing!

This page has links to:  professional psychology associations, sources of online data that could be used for student research, sites where you can participate in experiments, humor, scholarly journals & magazines, even more journals, large psychology sites (mega sites), information to help you perform research, self-help sites, sites especially designed for students (such as tutorials) , especially designed for teachers, and other interesting sites.   

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LINKS: Cool and HOT!!



American Counseling Association

American Psychological Association (APA)and articles from their monthly newsletter   

American Psychological Society (APS) - who are they?

American Psychiatric Association 

American Psychoanalytic Association 

American Educational Research Association 

American Sociological Association  

American Statistical Association

Association for Applied Sport Psychology

National Association of School Psychologists


Exploratorium - Fun Learning Sites

Finding & Using Psychology References from

Hanover U. (Indiana) Psych Tutorials 

Harvard U. / MIT Whole Brain Atlas

Human Genome Project DNA Learning Center

Indiana University Writing Tutorials

Online Encyclopedia of Psychology (referred from the University of Kansas website)

Athabasca University Psychology Center Learning Links

WebQuest: Web based learning experience in psychology experimentation    

UIC Study Hints + Helps

Spark Notes for Psychology Courses



University of California - Berkeley: open courseware (free access course materials)

University of Michigan: open courseware (free access course materials)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Psychology, Brain, & Cognitive Science open courseware (free access course materials)

(International) Open Courseware Consortium open courseware (free access course materials)

The World Lecture Hall from Universithy of Texas at Austin Psychology open courseware (free access course materials)

Utah State Universithy Psychology open courseware (free access course materials)

Yale University Psychology open courseware (free access course materials)

YouTube Education video: open courseware (free access course materials)

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APA-Society for Teaching Psychology (great teacher resources)

APS Teacher Resources - Articles on Teaching Psych

American Statistical Association, Online Teacher Resources for K12 and College

Inter-Cultural Consortium for Political and Social Research Online Teacher Resources for College

WebQuest Page - Provides templates and instructions for developing interactive lessons using internet resources - by Bernie Dodge, San Diego State University
University of Mississippi - Could your students BE THE EXPERIMENTERS



Journal of Statistics Education Datasets

U. of Michigan National Election Studies (click on "download data and codebooks for free")

JASA Datasets: Carnegie-Mellon U. 

CHILDES Child and Adult Language Transcripts (for advanced students)

Federal Government Statistics, a major archive of data sets available from the Executive Branch of the US Federal Government

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data: US Federal Government, located at University of Michigan

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

National Center for Educational Statistics (could come in handy)

US Census 

Data From Online Experiments 

StatLib, statistical library at Carnegie Mellon University



University of Mississippi - Be a participant in an Online experiment

University of SAARLAND - More Online Experiments you can experience.

Department of Psychology, Hanover College- a long list of experiment sites!

Wadsworth-Thompson Publishers List of online experiments and studies

Experiment links posted at Inquisitive Mind, or In-Mind, on-line quarterly social psychology magazine



Charlotte's Humor Site


(note:  Almost all of the journals you can access through these link are open, and free.  
However, you may encounter a few "subscriber only" journals too.)

APA Monitor on Psychology: A Good Source of General Information 

American Counseling Association Newsletter 

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Biomed Central part of a new trend toward free, peer reviewed/juried  online journals*.

Inquisitive Mind, or In-Mind, on-line quarterly social psychology magazine Journals

Medscape online journal in psychiatry

PubMedCentral from the National Institutes of Heath,  a major source of access to free, online peer reviewed/juried research articles.

Virginia Tech University Electronic Journals


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Psych Central - Major Site includes educational links (It took me a while to access this site.)

Intute Social Science Information Gateway - United Kingdom - Psychology, Archived (links no longer updated) after July 2011

SocioWeb (Sociology)

American Psychological Society Links to Psychological Organizations Online



American Psychological Association (APA) style tutorial, by ... APA

American Psychological Association (APA) Style 'Frequently Asked Questions'

American Psychological Association ethics page

Ethics information from the American Sociological Association link

Ethical standards of the American Educational Research Association

Ethics Learning Material

Canada's Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans


SELF-HELP SITES:  Mental Health Info 

Mental Health Net -- Educational Information  plus Self-help sites

Psych Central - Major Site includes self-help (It took me a while to access this site.)

APA Free Public Self-help Information

Pamphlets from the Albert Ellis Institute, about Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Wounded Healer Journal Website



Albert Ellis Pamphlet   (Albert Ellis was the founder of Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET)

Article on 10 fastest growing careers in Psychology

History of Psychology: Library of Classic Works 

History of Psychology (in Biography) Pages, Muskingum College

State Psychology Licensing Boards:

National Institute of Mental Health   

University of Western Georgia Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration.

"Positive Psychology" pages from Professor Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania

PsychNET is the APA specialized psychology search engine for certain journals

Psychology student resource links at SUNY- New Paltz

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